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MCM Expo

Hello Guilders!

I was just wondering if there were any plans for a meet-up this week-end at London Expo?

I know there already has been a post about that, but I just wanted to check for organization and stuff. And now that Mr Gatiss’ birthday has passed, it sounded like a good time for that.

Anyway, I’ll personally be there on Saturday and now that I’m in England, I very much intend to meet as many of you as I can \o/

I’m currently revising French History





This is a good post.

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"Between these passionate moments there were long intervals of…brooding melancholy during which, except that i detected her eyes so full of melancholy fire following me, at times I might have been as nothing to her."

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someone studying atoms is really just a bunch of atoms trying to understand themselves

what have you done

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somewhere in pawnee, indiana tumblr user ben talltyrionlannister is really popular in the game of thrones fandom probably


"Which person of your OTP furiously does push-ups while the other sits on their back and reads a magazine ?” (from this post)

Well, I have an OT3, does it still count ?

"When I looked at Annalise, that’s a fantasy role of mine. That’s the kind of role I want people to see me in."
Viola Davis and how she sees Annalise.

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